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GULF CRYO Receives A Supply Achievement Award

Gulf Cryo has been recognized for its exceptional supply of Liquid Nitrogen (LIN) at the world’s largest LNG terminal in Al Zour, Kuwait

Gulf Cryo, one of the leading providers of industrial gas solutions for more than 60 years, received a Supply Achievement Award from Hyundai Engineering Co., LTD. as a result of an unrivalled supply performance during the commissioning phase of the world's largest single construction Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal at Al Zour, Kuwait designed to import as much as 22 million tons of LNG per year.

In an unprecedented move, Gulf Cryo has successfully supplied Al Zour LNG Terminal with more than 2,700 metric tons of Liquid Nitrogen to cooldown the LNG terminal’s facilities hitting a temperature of -120°C prior to unloading the LNG from ships to storage tanks. The whole procedure was complete in no longer than a week time, and the LIN has been fully supplied through Gulf Cryo’s cryogenic gas production plants in Kuwait. Day four of the supply event marked the peak in supply where the LIN consumption reached 540 metric tons per day.

Once the terminal facilities have reached cryogenic temperatures, they are assessed whilst maintaining an inert atmosphere, ensuring the mechanical integrity of the jetties and the piping system. This makes the unloading of LNG from the carrier a simpler and less time-consuming process that would have otherwise not been the case. Both the cooldown procedure and the equipment utilized were subject to HAZOP studies, assuring all risks associated with the process were identified and minimized.

This was a phenomenal deviation from standard terminal cooldown procedures, where the entire cooldown of the unloading lines was achieved through utilizing cold vapour sprayed into the lines that were initially at ambient temperature, rather than direct introduction of cryogenic liquid. The impact has been marked substantial as it is proved to increase energy efficiency by avoiding the flaring of LNG vapour during the process.

Amer Huneidi, Executive Chairman of Gulf Cryo said: “We are glad to have provided an innovative and world class solution that is highly efficient and well-suited to meet the significant requirements of our customer. The success of this supply is a hallmark of our performance and supply chain competency and will inspire us to work towards a continued leading position across the region.”

“I will also take this opportunity to thank Hyundai Engineering Co. LTD. for collaborating with us in this commissioning, providing us an opportunity to surpass this momentous milestone in our journey.” he added.

Once fully operational, the LNG Terminal at Al Zour is expected to import as much as 22 million tons of the super-chilled gas per year and will have a storage capacity of 1.8 million cubic meters of LNG. The liquefaction capacity of the terminal will be 30 billion cubic meters per day.

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