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Gas Supply for Steel and Metal Industries

Serving Steel and Metal Industries

A crucial aspect in the steel and metal industries’ operations is a reliable supply of high-quality industrial gases like oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. Customers are always looking to upgrade their position in the market, by improving quality, generating a greater yield, and reducing costs and the impact on the environment.

Gulf Cryo is a supplier of choice for all types of welding, cutting and shielding gases required by the metal processing and fabrication industries. Since the establishment of Kuwait Oxygen & Acetylene Co. in 1953, a subsidiary of Gulf Cryo in Kuwait, the company has focused on catering to the requirements of this important- driven sector. Over the years we have built a diverse portfolio of customers ranging from major ship repair companies, pressure vessel manufacturers and heavy steel industries in the Gulf region.

The metal processing and fabrication sector is one of the largest consumers of industrial gases and gas mixtures. It encompasses of pure gases such as oxygen, acetylene, argon, as well as a wide range of gas mixtures with varying compositions to meet customer requirements. The industry ranges from small roadside weld shops to the largest fabrication yards making sea liners and heavy industrial steel structures for petrochemical plants.

Gulf Cryo has the solution to these concerns. We offer our extensive expertise in on-site supply schemes, pipeline systems, and a distribution network encompassing ten countries across the Middle East.

Gas Supply for Steel and Metal Industries

At Gulf Cryo we believe in providing the best available supply package to suit your business requirements. Depending on the size of the business activity, we install cryogenic storage tanks connected through ambient air vaporizers to acetylene station or gas mixing units with gas distributed through a pipeline to the workstations . other options available are supplies through manifold racks, portable liquid containers or high pressure cylinders.

We serve every division of the industry, from melt-shops, to slag and metal mixing, to smelting and refining processes carried in large scale industrial projects.

Our highly qualified engineers can design and implement a complete gas management service, to handle the operation and maintenance of a small or large on-site plant. We can assure you of a dependable source of high-quality gases in the pipeline, with an additional back-up gas service.


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