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Welding, Cutting & Shielding Gases
for Metal Processing & Fabrication Industries

Gulf Cryo is a supplier of choice for all types of welding, cutting & shielding gases required by the metal processing and fabrication industries, Since the establishment of Kuwait Oxygen & Acetylene Co. In 1953, a subsidiary of Gulf Cryo in Kuwait, the company has focused on catering to the requirements of this important economy-driven sector. Over the years we have built a diverse portfolio of customers ranging from major ship repair companies, pressure vessel manufacturers, and heavy steel industries in Gulf region.

The metal processing and fabrication sector is one of the largest consumers of industrial gases and gas mixtures. It encompasses the use of pure gases such as oxygen, acetylene, argon as well as a wide range of gas mixtures with varying compositions to meet the customer specific requirements. The industry ranges from small roadside weld shops to the largest fabrication yards making sea liners and heavy industrial steel structures for petrochemical plants.

Critical Decision Parameters

The decision in selecting the type of gas to be used for welding has many underlying factors determining the quality of the final product and they are as follows:

  • Desired weld quality
  • Required strength
  • Bead appearance and shape
  • Thickness of parental metal
  • Amount of spatter
  • Emphasis on wielding speed
  • Fume emission
  • Weld cost
Beyond traditional supply schemes, our consultants design and implement a total gas management service where we can invest in the installation of total central gas pipeline network system, manage the cylinder warehouse, and provide our personnel to be fully dedicated on site to our client’s need.

Gulf Cryo has membership with the Compressed Gas Association (CGA), European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), and International Oxygen Manufacturing Association (IOMA).

Gas Supply for Metal Processing Industries

Gas Applications

The metal fabrication sector can be subdivided into various subcategories based on the type and composition of metal to be welded. Each technique will employ a specific type of gas/mixture which is most suited for the work metal. Shielding gases are used to create an inert atmosphere around the work area and in certain cases work metal. Shielding gases differentiate by they way the conduct heat and their chemical characteristics.


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