GULF CRYO leads the path of Green Carbon in the Middle East

GULF CRYO to build on an exceptionally successful year, announces the expansion of its regional leadership in the Carbon Dioxide business with a new mega CO2 recovery plant investment.
GULF CRYO will procure, install and operate, under a 20-year agreement, the largest CO2 emissions capture plant in the Middle East that will be based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
GULF CRYO and Tecno Project Industriale (TPI) from SIAD Group, Italy, announced that they agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the purchase of a modular CO2 recovery plant with a daily production capacity of 300 metric tons per day.
With this new investment GULF CRYO will double its existing CO2 production capacity in the Region and will capture more than 250,000 Tons a year of CO2 emissions in order to produce high-purity, food-grade green CO2. Based on TPI’s state-of-the art technology and GULF CRYO’s project execution and operational excellence, the new plant will satisfy all CO2 requirements in a sustainable, reliable and safe manner suitable for all industries including desalination plants, beverage and food processing industries, chemical and manufacturing.
With this strategic investment, GULF CRYO aims to maintain the leading role in the challenging transition to a low carbon future in Middle East and Saudi Arabia. The signing of the MOU and the announcement comes in a period of growing environmental concerns and initiatives for Carbon capture and reduction of CO2 emissions.
GULF CRYO provides innovative technological solutions and application expertise to a wide range of industries and processes, such as dry ice for cold transportation of medicine and foodstuff, pH control for water treatment, carbonation for beverage, atmosphere enrichment for agriculture and many other industrial applications for the recovered CO2.