Company Overview

We are the trailblazers in the gas manufacturing industry in the Middle East. With 70 years of excellence in this business, Gulf Cryo is the leading gas manufacturer and distributor in the region. With specialized industrial and medical solutions, including the production of specialty gases, our commitment to quality services makes us your trusted partner for all your gas needs.

We were founded as the first industrial gas trading business in Kuwait With time and hard-earned value, Gulf Cryo Holding Company was established for the unified management of our businesses.

Expanding to various states and across countries, Gulf Cryo now operates in 10 countries, and has a closely knit family of 1200 people associated with us. Guided by the sustainable thinking and pioneering vision of the management, we are dedicated to the company’s vision in driving a sustainable growth.

Our capabilities include large air separation and production capacities in the region for industrial, medical and specialty gases, and a considerable pipeline distribution network to deliver all our gas solutions to our customers, be it oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, dry ice, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, or others.

In addition to pioneering the gas industry, we pioneer decarbonization with a steadfast commitment to play our role in decarbonizing the region. Gulf Cryo provides CCUS solutions, managing the full CO2 value chain from capture to utilization and sequestration. CO2 has always been a core product at Gulf Cryo, which allowed us to quickly understand carbon capture and how to turn our carbon circular economy to a sustainable one.

Gulf Cryo has established the very 1st carbon capture plant in the region as early as 2014. Today, and additionally, we have 2 upcoming carbon capture plants that will allow us to triple our CO2 capture and utilization in the next 2 years.

Our CO2 expertise is mirrored in another crucial gas in the climate crisis solution mix – Hydrogen, the new energy gas. The company produces and distributes Hydrogen to cater to its many applications. Not only that, Gulf Cryo has piloted a successful retrofitted industrial truck to work on both Hydrogen and diesel.

Given the advantageous position of our company, being established experts in the value chain of 2 major molecules in global warming, CO2 and Hydrogen, we are devoted to playing our role in decarbonizing industries in our region.


Proud team of over 1200 professionals