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Air Separation Plant, Sulaimaniyah, Iraq

Relocation of 55TPD Air Separation Plant from Dubai to Sulaimaniya, Northern Iraq to serve Northern Iraqi Markets. The Product from this plant will cater to the major clients like hospitals, engineering industries, and manufacturing sectors like steel, cement, oil fields and refineries. This illustrates GC’s keen interest to expand its market presence and cater to its clients with its value added products and services. The Plant had been successfully dismantled, Packed and safely shipped to Project Location in Sulaimaniyah. From the beginning of the Project Construction Phase in Aug 2016, there has been substantial achievements in accomplishing the construction activities as per the schedule despite many challenges including crucial weather conditions. Mechanical was achieved in June 2017 and Plant energized in August 2017. However, the Plant commissioning delayed due to the ban imposed after the Kurdistan Independence Referendum.

Air Separation Plant, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Plant commissioning is achieved in the beginning of July 2018. There were a lot of challenges faced during Construction and Commissioning activities. However, the overall project completed on Budget (Project Value USD 8.5 Million. It is one of the major achievement of this project. The project and operations team has achieved a `ZERO-ZERO' safety record with 119,500 man-hours worked.


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