Custom Calibration Gas Manufacturer and Supplier

Specialty Gas Facility (SGF), Dammam, Saudi Arabia produces a broad range of high quality custom calibration gas standards for use in laboratories, R&D centers, universities and industrial analysis applications.

Custom calibration gas standards are manufactured using advanced gravimetric and volumetric tools, scales and highly sensitive instrumentation. Several cylinder sizes are also available to meet customer’s specific content requirements.

Precise manufacturing of calibration gas mixtures involves many critical steps which includes consideration of chemical raw material purity as well as detailed impurity characterization; calculation of phase behavior for the calibration gas mixture; precise blending; and finally, independent confirmation of analysis for the final calibration gas mixture.

Before starting, requested specialty gas mixes are first evaluated for potential phase problems using advanced computer modeling. Following this, the specialty gas mixture is precisely blended to exact specifications on highly sensitive gravimetric scales. The specialty gas mixture is analyzed using high-tech analyzers to confirm that the blended and analyzed values agree with each other according to the stated product specifications.

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Specialty Gases Product List

High Purity Gases

Applications: Analytical & Research Lab, Purging for online analyzers & GC carrier gas
Products: Argon 6.0; Helium 6.0, Nitrogen 6.0, & Oxygen 5.5


Applications: Research Lab, Control Implementation, HC research, BTU analyzer, FID (GC)
Products: Acetylene 2.6 (A-A), C1 to C6 (Alkanes & Alkenes & Alkynes)


Applications: Glass & Electronics
Products: Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia, Chlorine, Nitric Oxide

Noble Gases

Applications: CT scanning, X-ray, Lighting
Products: Neon, Krypton, Xenon

Analytical & Medical Mixtures

Applications & Products: Blood Gas, Lungs Diffusion, Human Embryology Growth, Environmental & Air Monitoring Mixtures.

Hydrocarbon Mixtures

Applications: Petrochemicals, Refinery, Calibrations, Lab
Products: Neon, Krypton, XenonC1-C15 in % or ppm/ppb in any background matrix

Liquid Mixtures

Applications: Online petrochemical instrument calibrations.
Products: C1-C15 in % or ppm or ppb in any background matrix, with or without sulphur component.

Disposable Mixtures (58Ltr & 110 Ltr)

Applications: Calibration of PPE , sensor, portable analyser.
Products: H2S, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, Cl, HCl, NO, NO2, ETO, NH3, H2, Ethanol,1,3 Butadiene, Ethylene, Propane, Butane, Iso-butylene, components ranges from ppm to percentage in Nitrogen and Air balance.


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