Gas Supply for Laser Cutting Industries

Gas Supply Management to Laser Cutting Industries

At Gulf Cryo, we provide high quality gases of optimal purity, for use in the laser cutting industry. Laser is best suited for cutting thin pieces with high precision, and thus is mostly used in the mechanical engineering industry. Automotive manufacturers and makers of household products like dishwashers and washing machines are amongst the common clients.

The industry challenge

The application of the laser determines which gas will be used. Oxygen generates a lot of heat when it reacts with the material, and helps to cut faster. The speed also depends on the purity of the gas. This renders oxygen important for cutting mild and low-alloy steel. However, oxygen poses a problem for cutting stainless steel. It creates an oxide layer on the cut surface and the metal loses its corrosion resistance.

To combat these problems, pure nitrogen is used to cut these materials. The purity is of utmost importance, as even a little bit of oxygen can destroy the corrosion resistance of the steel. While cutting sensitive materials like titanium and zirconium, highly purified argon is used to protect them against oxygen and nitrogen.

At Gulf Cryo, we manufacture all these gases for a diverse clientele, who require high purity gases for laser applications.

Gas Supply Management to Laser Cutting


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