Industries We Serve

Gulf Cryo Med Gas (GCMG), a subsidiary company of Gulf cryo, provides a complete end to end solution for medical gas applications, including storage, engineered delivery system and secondary equipment and accessories. This is a specialized applications group that works with other Gulf Cryo subsidiaries to deliver complete medial gas supply and delivery solutions to customers throughout the Middle East.

Due to criticality of the healthcare segments, there are internationally stringent standards which govern the production and supply of medical gases. Gulf cryo’s membership in the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and the International Oxygen Manufacturing Association (IOMA) attest to our expertise in the medical gas field.

Keeping in a view the crucial importance of medical gases we have established a traceable, dedicated and fully equipped supply chain to cater the need of hospitals and clinics whether they use bulk or compressed medical gases. Hospital and other medical facilities require a continuous supply of high-quality medical and speciality gases, as well as failsafe systems to store and route gases to locations as varies as operating theatres, laboratories and patient rooms. Delivery personal are always prepared to rush to emergency requirements of patients whether at home or in hospital.

GCMG holds multiple agencies for medical engineering technology and equipment providers the enable the company to conform to the mix of British, European and American medical engineering standards found throughout the region. In conjunction with the other medical and speciality gas manufacturing subsidiaries, GCMG allows Gulf cryo to offer a turnkey, end to end solution to medical customers.


GAS Applications

The healthcare industry requires a variety of gases in different medical applications depending on the characteristics of the gas and the application for which the gas is required. With the development of science, newer techniques have been developed requiring more complex gas mixture with a renewed focus on compliance with pharmacopoeia standards.


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