Our Journey

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
Christopher Colombus

Creditable Capabilities

Gulf Cryo was the first gas manufacturer in Kuwait to provide industrial gases such as oxygen and nitrogen to the booming local petroleum industry. The company then expanded into the UAE during the 1970’s, with the formation of Arabian Industrial Gases Company in Sharjah as per the vision of the Chairman to form a successful ‘Group’; the Glory of that vision is still shining bright.

Gulf Cryo's capabilities include a considerable pipeline distribution network, the largest merchant Air separation & production capacity in the region as well as an extensive network of facilities producing and distributing oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, dry ice, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, food-grade, specialty and medical gases. Gulf Cryo also boasts of having the largest distribution fleet in the region.

Our journey is a long and continuous one. We are keen to scale more mountains and are expecting to achieve numerous milestones. Globally, we are keen to provide integrated solutions to all business sectors that we cater to and are constantly in search of new avenues to dive in.

The journey of Gulf Cryo which started 70 years ago has turned into a chronicle of success, making it a leader in the industry. Staffed by a group of 1500+ multi-disciplined professionals, guided by the foresight and pioneering vision of the management and armed with an extensive working experience and dedication to the company’s vision, Gulf Cryo continues to move forward. We have always aimed to attain the goal of sustained growth by being progressive and maintaining our focus on exceeding expectations in every area of business.

In our Journey, Partners have always been a force that has held and built our identity across geographical borders. We take pride in our partners, suppliers and shareholders who add great value within the organization and outside.


Proud team of over 1200 professionals