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Gas Supply for Water & Wastewater Treatment

Gulf Cryo offers several services to the wastewater industry in order to improve the overall performance of the treatment process and make it environmentally friendly. Our experts work closely together with customers in order to achieve tailor-made solutions that target their needs directly.

The Industry Challenge

The wastewater industry strives to reach the highest possible yields while minimizing energy and material costs. Currently, the major challenge for the treatment plants is reaching a full capacity and not being able to accommodate for the increasing demands.

Due to the increasing environmental regulations, a new challenge has also emerged and it consists of minimizing the usage of chemicals, while retaining the efficiency of the process and the quality of the product.

Gas Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Gas Applications

The food and beverage industry requires a variety of gases in different applications depending on the food product, the process required and demanding quality of the finished products.

These applications required bulk or compressed gas either in pure form or a mixture of multiple gases. At Gulf Cryo, gas mixtures are prepared under controlled conditions following international standards with the tolerances clearly defined to avoid an unusual swing that leads to serious impact on the final product quality.


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