Modified Atmosphere Packaging Solutions

Catering to the Food Industry

MAP stands for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, which is used for increasing the shelf life of food items. A mixture of gases in controlled quantities is injected into the defined space, usually a package. It preserves the texture, taste, appearance, and color of the food product.

The industry challenge

When fresh food comes into contact with air it can suffer from microbiological, physical and biochemical deterioration.

Fresh food manufacturers are in a race against the clock to distribute their products to customers. This restricts the geographical reach and can result in high-cost wastage.

For decades, Gulf Cryo has worked with the food and beverage industry in the Middle East. After successful trials, the company has included MAP as a service in their portfolio, increasing the shelf life of fruit and bakery products.

The Applications manager at Gulf Cryo, Milos Kostic explains:
“Our unique MAP gas mix actively delays the growth of bacteria and mold, thereby preserving food quality in terms of taste, color and smell. It reduces the need for food manufacturers to use additives in food. With an increased shelf life of up to five times the natural life of a food product, the manufacturer can significantly extend their geographical reach and even penetrate new markets. Depending on the food item, each requirement will be different, so our engineers will work closely with customers to provide a bespoke MAP solution to suit their needs.”

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


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