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Several production plants face the dilemma of keeping the pH level stable in their wastewater. In almost all the cases, the pH value must be decreased, and mineral acids are the most common choice. But this requires costly equipment and poses secondary problems. The use of sulphuric acid on one hand adds sulphates into the water and on the other hand, hydrochloric acid is extremely corrosive for pipes and other equipment involved. Thus, there are multiple problems, and high operating costs.

Gulf Cryo offers a better and safer solution. We offer carbon dioxide-based pH control systems, which are easy to operate and need only minimal attention. This helps by:
- Ensuring balancing
- Being more cost-effective than other solutions
- Establishing a safer and more accurate control system

Gulf Cryo offers several services to the wastewater industry in order to improve the overall performance of the treatment process and make it environmentally friendly.

The wastewater industry strives to reach the highest possible yields while minimizing energy and material costs. Currently, the major challenge for the treatment plants is reaching a full capacity and not being able to accommodate the increasing demands.
Due to the increasing environmental regulations, a new challenge has also emerged and it consists of minimizing the usage of chemicals, while retaining the efficiency of the process and the quality of the product.

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