Why Us

Success is a Journey and We are always on-board

Pioneering Effect

We are the first industrial gases manufacturing company in the region and still maintain our position among the top companies in this sector. Despite number of turbulences in a volatile market for over six decades we have been able to withstand and having weathered all storms are able to put ourselves at the helm of the industry. With 70+ years of industry experience and far-fetched achievements, Gulf Cryo has developed itself into a global organization by extending its geographical reach across continents and countries such as Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

Organizational Excellence

The success of Gulf Cryo over decades has been driven by its ability to respond quickly to changing market conditions and convert emerging opportunities into solid revenue generators. We hold and maintain a competitive advantage over other companies and strive continuously to introduce innovative applications for products, in-order to enhance our ability to deliver our products safely and reliably keeping quality as the prime focus.

Strategically, the company invests as per the necessity which is derived from our need to increase our competitiveness. In the recent past, we made an important progressive move into KSA. Gulf Cryo has also established its footprint in Egypt by acquiring a controlling interest in a leading gas company.

Fact Sheet

This strategy of geographic and product expansion combined with a growing economy and our group of skilled professionals have helped the company to earn a double digit annual growth by serving sectors such as oil & gas, metals, chemicals, glass, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, healthcare and many others.

Actionable to Deliverable

We have invested in our industrial infrastructure to stay at the forefront of the gas industry but we also continue to invest internally, building on our organisational capabilities by upgrading business development, human resources and safety & quality functions including the establishment of an exceptional internal audit department and ERP system - all with the objective of pursuing excellence.

Network Capabilities

We possess a considerable pipeline distribution network, largest distribution fleet in the region and the largest merchant air separation production capacity in the region.

Product Perfection

Delivering top-end high quality products to all customers is our prime aim. With the same in mind & for utmost customer convenience, we have tailored delivery options as per the Client’s needs.

Workforce Excellence

Our highly skilled Workforce strives to develop technologies to advance processes and techniques through innovative gas applications, finding the best solution for our customers.

Growth Potential & Goals

The company aims to strengthen its presence and growth potential in the coming years by expanding its global presence and reinforcing its regional supremacy.


Proud team of over 1200 professionals