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Cylinders & Liquid Containers

Gas Supply Cylinders and Liquid Containers

This strategy of geographic and product expansion combined with a growing economy and our group of skilled professionals have helped the company to earn a double-digit annual growth by serving sectors such as oil & gas, metals, chemicals, glass, pharmaceuticals, ood & beveragesf, healthcare and many others.

Bulk & Microbulk Delivery

Gas Bulk and Microbulk Delivery

We have invested in our industrial infrastructure to stay at the forefront of the gas industry but we also continue to invest internally, building on our organisational capabilities by upgrading business development, human resources and safety & quality functions including the establishment of an exceptional internal audit department and ERP system - all with the objective of pursuing excellence.


Gas Supply Pipeline

We do possess a considerable pipeline distribution network the largest distribution fleet in the region and the largest merchant air separation production capacity in the region.

On-Site Production

Gas On-Site Production

Delivering top-end high quality products to all customers is our prime aim. With the same in mind & for utmost customer convenience, we have tailored delivery options as per the Client’s needs.

Mobile Fill System

Mobile Mobile Argon Filling System

AIGCO has successfully installed and commissioned a Mobile Argon filling system at the DIP facility in March 2018. The complete installation and testing works are performed by own local operation and Maintenance teams.
With this project, AIGCO will cater filling of Argon and Argon-mixture gases at any client site. It also improves distribution costs by saving fuel for long distance customers. Inbuilt generator options are provided to operate pumps at remote sites.


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