Off Shore

Off-Shore Operations Management

Off shore refers to oil and gas operations on rigs and platforms in the sea. Oil field service companies use various gases like nitrogen provided by Gulf Cryo. They inject liquid nitrogen into the oil wells through coil tubing and other purging operations.

Gulf Cryo also caters to the deep-sea diving industry. A mixture of oxygen and helium is used in various concentrations, depending on the depth divers will venture into. It is used as an alternative to the conventional oxygen and nitrogen mixture to avoid a condition called nitrogen narcosis.

The clients order premixed gases in defined compositions or obtain pure oxygen and helium from Gulf Cryo, which are later mixed on board, depending on the diving depth.

• Coil tubing
• Enhanced Oil recovery (EOR)
• Oil well stimulation
• Purging and Blanketing
• Explosimetry
• Leak testing
• Analytical Applications

Gulf cryo proposes over the fence arrangements for refineries and petrochemical complexes to supply gases such as Oxygen and Nitrogen. Air Separation Units are installed and operated with distribution network of gases supplies. Similarly requirements are catered by employing tube trailers, cylinder racks and high-pressure cylinders. Spot requirements for bulk products during turn around and peak shaving is fulfilled using ISO tanks and road tankers.


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