Enabling Perfection

Yielding to the ever-growing needs of the hospitality industry is a challenge. However, with the right technology and efficient systems, development can be maintained at a steady rate. The hospitality sector is highly reliant on diversified systems that not only retain quality of food but also help multiply production capacity.

But how is this done? At Gulf Cryo, the possibilities are endless. With food quality being the driving force of the industry, anything less is unacceptable. To prevent spoilage and retain the nutrient content of food, we offer expert-recommended cryogenic freezing. This process implements liquid nitrogen, which reduces freezing time and prevents the build-up of large ice crystals that are known to impact the food cells and affect flavor. It results in a longer shelf-life, low dehydration of fruits and vegetables, and low environmental impact compared to regular mechanical freezing.

Our services in the beverage segment range from carbonation to water oxygenation. Drinks are infused with high-grade carbon dioxide to achieve a fizzy consistency. Water is oxygenated to boost its efficacy. The oxygenation process amplifies the water quality, making it a natural detoxifier and beneficial for the immune system.

Apart from carbonation and cryogenic freezing, Gulf Cryo operates a mobile refrigeration system called DICT. This process uses dry ice pellets in perfectly insulated storage vessels, to preserve frozen or chilled food items for almost 120 hours.

• Freezing
• Individual Quick freezing
• Modified Atmosphere Packaging
• Beverage dispensing
• Carbonation
• Inerting
• Catering

Gulf Cryo offer complete gas supply Solutions to the food and beverage industry including selection and installation of equipment and supply of gases. Depending on our customer’s scale of activities bulk installations together with mixing stations could be installed. Beverage manufactures are the main beneficiaries of the arrangement offering a hassle free supply of carbon dioxide.


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