Enabling Perfection in Fabrication Operations

Fabrication services range from welding to laser cutting. It demands a high level of precision if you wish to achieve a robust structure and premium finish.

Gulf Cryo lends its expertise in this department. The goal is to help clients get the perfect product conveniently and in the best way possible. Take our response team into confidence and choose from our varied equipment spectrum comprising high-quality gases, which promise unparalleled precision in cutting, welding, and coating processes.

Our process includes:
- Imparting necessary information regarding cutting and welding options best suited for your project
- Ensuring the equipment and gas facilities are installed as per the guidelines
- Guiding you to choose the best gas combinations as per your needs

Welding & Cutting
1) MIG/MAG Welding
2) TIG Welding
3) Plasa Welding
4) Laser Welding
5) Flame Cutting
6) Oxy-fuel Cutting

1) Powder coating
2) Plasma Coating

At Gulf cryo we believe in providing the best available supply packages to suit your business requirements. Depending on the size of the business activity, we install cryogenic storage tanks connected through ambient air vaporizers to acetylene station or gas mixing units with gas distribute through a pipeline to the workstations. Other options available are supplies through manifold racks, portable liquid containers or high-pressure cylinders.

Mobile Distribution System (MDS) was designed, developed, launched and patented by another Gulf Cryo Subsidiary company Arabian Industrial Gases Co. MDS is composed of one 180 liter liquid oxygen container, one 8 cylinder acetylene rack and two individual manifolds, one for oxygen and the other for acetylene, the five outlets for each gas. Each manifold is provide with master regulator, and each outlet point is conveniently equipped with flash back arrester. The MDS is safety mounted on steel frame with all required safety measures.


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